Installation manual for viper 790xv

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Instead they suggested that I'd rather buy a Med ( alarm that installs directly (in a way) on the ECU and is controlled through the stock key of the car. I think it is a decent solution since it has a built-in Comfort control device.

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And since I am not interested in Remote start or Turbo timer functions (although my car is a turbocharged one), I think that the 5000 is just fine for me.

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Hello- I just bought a Rav4(2002) that came with a Rattler 300.

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The car automatiy locks doors within 5 secs of nition on, and have locked myself out with car running twice! The remote button operate normally to lock and unlock the doors (bu there is no chirp anymore) and if I hit the Panic button the alarm is "trgered" i.e the headlhts start blinking rapidly as though the alarm is on, but there is no chirping and neither the siren, nor the car horn is alarmed. I am going to buy the Viper 1000 with the voice mod and the invisabeam addon. I wanna hook up the remote starter, where the heck is my neutral wire?

Installation manual for viper 790xv:

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