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Fortunately, an enterprising programmer named Andrei Gratchev fured out how to get under the cameras' hoods and extend their capabilities.

SDM v2

Thus the Canon Hacking Development Kit, or CHDK, was born.

The <b>Canon</b> <b>Camera</b> <b>Hackers</b> <b>Manual</b> CHDK Fandom

Hack Your Canon PowerShot to Add Superpowers

The Canon Power Shot family is the most popular line of dital cameras on the market.

CHDK. This User Guide

If you check Flickr's Camera Finder, for example, you'll find that more than 420 million Power Shot photos have been posted to the site, versus 230 million Sony Cyber-shot images, and even less for Nikon, Kodak, and the rest. The feature-rich, well-built Power Shots tend to be very reliable and take excellent photos for their class, earning Canon frequent Editors' Choice awards and top scores on our annual readers survey.

The canon camera hackers manual pdf:

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