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The material covered in this course compliments the material being covered in COMS 4119: Computer Networks. Both courses will cover topics that relate to the current Internet, but the manner in which these topics will be addressed is snificantly different, in that COMS 4119 will focus more on software and protocol issues (programming, header formats, etc.) and ELEN 4710 will focus more on theoretical and modeling issues (protocol analysis, graph and stochastic program models).

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4710 will contain more math, while 4119 will contain more programming.

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Bertsekas And Gallager Data Networks Solution Manual

Topics: Covers theoretical fundamentals of network engineering.

Data Networks Solution Manual -

Topics include theoretical underpinnings of the physical layer; desn, protocols and analysis of the data-link layer and medium access sublayer; desn, routing algorithms and prefix addressing for the network layer, and evaluation of congestion control and connection setup/teardown algorithms for the transport layer.

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