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USCG UDC - Enlisted Service Stripes

The United States Army authorizes one stripe for each three year period of service, while the United States Marine Corps, United States Navy, and United States Coast Guard authorize one stripe for each four year period of duty.


Good Conduct Medals, a service stripe is authorized for wear by enlisted personnel upon completion of the specified term of service, regardless of the service member's disciplinary history.

<strong>Service</strong> stripe - pedia

Service stripe - pedia

For example, a soldier with several non-judicial punishments and courts-martial would still be authorized a service stripe for three years service, although the Good Conduct Medal would be denied.

Aviation Boatswain's Mate H - San Francisco Maritime National Park.

In 1777, the French ancien régime army had used Galons d'ancienneté, or "Seniority Braid" (cloth braid chevrons nicknamed brisures Soldiers who wore such emblems were ed briscards ("breakers"). Marine Corps authorizes service stripes to those service members for every four years of service.

Navedtra manual placement of service stripes:

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