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Settlement Agreement and Release - Sharper Image Corp. Manuel

Garner, and the Settlement Class, as defined in 2.2 of this Settlement Agreement.

Sharper Image SI861 Instructions Manual. -

1.2 "Claim Form" means the form to be used by Settlement Class Members, who do not process their claim on the Claims Web Site, to manually make a claim under this Settlement Agreement in substantially the same form as Exhibit F hereto.

Sharper Image <em>Ionic</em> <em>Breeze</em> Gp <em>Si861</em> <em>Manual</em>.

Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Gp Si861 Manual.

THIS SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT AND RELEASE ("Settlement Agreement") is conditionally made effective upon Preliminary Settlement Approval by the Court (as provided in 5.1), by and among defendant Sharper Image Corporation ("Sharper Image" or "Settling Defendant") and plaintiff Manuel Fueroa and Dixie M.

Achetez Gp Ionic Breeze - Gp Ionic Breeze 35% de Réduction.

Garner ("Plaintiffs" or "Settlement Class Representatives") and the Settlement Class (as defined in 2.2 ), and becomes unconditionally effective when the Final Order and Final Judgment become Final as defined herein.

Ionic breeze gp manual si861:

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